Demus Martinez began working with WSCAT in January 2018. He serves as financial counselor, assisting Warm Springs community members in building and repairing their credit and in developing spending and savings strategies to reach short and long-term savings goals. As financial counselor, he also serves as a Pathways Home and Financial Skills for Families instructor, seasonal tax preparer, and occasional IDA provider. Demus is member of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and has worked locally in the Warm Springs Tribal Court as a legal advocate for CTWS tribal member clients. He has volunteered for Warm Springs Victims of Crime Services, the Jefferson County Victim Impact Panel, and locally for the Native Aspirations Coalition, focused on preventing youth from engaging in behaviors that are harmful to themselves and others. He is married and owns a home with his wife and kids in Warm Springs. He enjoys salmon fishing on the Columbia River, in the traditional manner passed onto him by his elders. He enjoys teaching this and other skills to his kids and others.  

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