Facilitating change in a community

The Warm Springs Community Action Team (WSCAT) is committed to grassroots economic and social change on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.  Our current programs and projects derive from community involvement in our planning processes, in which community leaders, tribal members, and WSCAT program participants have provided their thoughts, ideas, and feelings on what the community needs and how these needs can be met.  Likewise, our mission, vision, and strategic plan are the result of an organizational planning process informed by discussions with individuals and groups of community members, dialogue with CTWS tribal leaders, administrators, and business leaders, surveys of various groups in the community, and careful consideration of our tribal culture. We have found that the more community members contribute to our planning processes, the more likely they are to buy in to what we are doing and to participate in our programs.

We have seen, as we watch community members participate in and succeed in our programs (e.g., our IDA program, our educational offerings, or our outdoor market), that change usually begins at the individual level. We do our utmost to create the conditions that allow individual community members to embark on new journeys, try new things, develop new skills, and take charge of their own futures. When one person reaches a goal or milestone, it often results in someone close to them making the choice to take a similar path. Our webpage highlights the success stories of nine individuals in the community, each of whom has inspired friends and family members to either open an IDA, take a class, or do something to reshape their lives and the lives of those around them. While each of their stories are unique, the individuals featured are by no means alone in their efforts to realize their potential, improve their lives, better the conditions of their families, and strengthen their community.

Join our efforts!

WSCAT invites partners interested in serving the Warm Springs Reservation community to work with us towards fulfilling our vision and the vision of our tribal members and leaders. We welcome the participation of individuals and organizations that would like to assist us in providing services to our community or in helping us building our capacity. We would be very pleased to work with private and public entities wishing to provide financial or in-kind contributions to our organization.  Please call us at 541-553-3148 to discuss how you can help, or click our “Donate” button to make financial contributions.