Carina Miller is a research analyst working on the Vibrant Tribal Economies (VTE) project, funded through a research grant from the Northwest Area Foundation. In this role, Carina collects data and analyzes the economic history of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs through document review, focus groups, asset mapping, leakage studies, and the utilization of statistical and other research methods. Ms. Miller is working with the community members and partners to collect peoples’ visions, experiences, and hopes for economic development. Working with WSCAT team members, she will present this information in accessible ways and help develop recommendations on how to overcome the many challenges vexing the Warm Springs Reservation economy. Carina was formerly an Agency district representative on the 27th Tribal Council of Warm Springs, is currently the Co-Chair for the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Energy Committee, the Chair of the Native American Caucus for the Oregon Democrats, and a Columbia River Gorge Commissioner. Her biggest accomplishment is becoming a mother and being able to raise her son, Waluxpykee Barkley, here in Warm Springs.

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