Emily Courtney, WSCAT’s arts business & marketing specialist, is a Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs tribal member who began working at WSCAT in June 2018.  Though a WSCAT staff member, Emily’s role is primarily to assist Tananáwit, a new nonprofit arts organization (incorporated in May 2018), to build its capacity and open a new arts store featuring the work of community artists. Emily is working to develop Tananáwit’s financial and personnel policies and to create operating policies and a sustainable staffing plan for the Tananáwit store in the Commissary small business incubator, which is scheduled to open in May 2022. She will also develop sales and gallery space within the store and ensure appropriate advertising and signage for the store. Emily has worked for the CTWS for 14 years, including stints at the Early Childhood Education Center, Kah-Nee-Tah Resort and Spa, Indian Head Casino, Children’s Protective Services, and the Museum at Warm Springs. Emily dedicates time and energy to her community by coaching Special Olympics softball, donating her artwork to families fundraising for youth activities in the community, and helping out at bi-annual Museum at Warm Springs special events.

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