Hunter Onstad

Hunter Onstad opened an IDA account in 2015 with the intent to start a beef operation. Over the course of 3 years, Hunter managed to purchase a pair of cattle and a couple of show steers. After facing a loss on two of his show animals, Hunter diverted his attention to growing his herd. His herd grew from two pairs to four pairs in a matter of one year. Now Hunter is starting a new business, in an entirely different industry.

Today, Hunter has sold 2 pairs of cattle to be able to fund his new business. With the profits he earned off his pairs, Hunter purchased a new vehicle and a business laptop. With future expansion plans underway, Hunter remains optimistic about his startup.

In an interview with Hunter, our representatives asked him what his new business is all about. Hunter said “We really want to change the way the media industry operates. Lately, everything we see has been negative and that has a negative impact on the way we live our lives. Our company promotes real people, real passions, and real ideas. Anybody can make an impact, and what we lack in experience we will compensate  for in innovation. Our company is almost 100% online, online media and entertainment is the future of the industry. We are the future.”

We also asked Hunter about his plans to scale his business. Right now, Hunter wants to expand by getting more camera equipment to operate on. In his words, Hunter said “A camera opens up so much business opportunities. Once I achieve this milestone, my business will be able to finance itself, with the help of my skills of course.” Another idea Hunter and his team are currently researching involves brand merchandise. Brand Merchandise provides the team with uniformity and consumers are able to help the brand by wearing the merch.

One year from today, Hunter and his partners are planning to be in full operation. One of his biggest projects will be his first project. With the help of the entire Community of Warm Springs, Hunter and his partner are putting together a short film entitled “The Creation”. Their film is projected to make its debut on July 14th at a local summer film festival.

For more information on Hunter, and his work you can contact him via the email link below. You can also follow his social media channels as listed.

Linkedin: Hunter Onstad

Facebook: Hunter Onstad, Sigsxi, and Zah Bro

Instagram: @huntercus.visuals, zah_broo, Sigsxi