Jonathan Smith

In 2015, Jonathan Smith enrolled in his first small business IDA. His business services were limited to offering just glass repair, restricting his market and annual revenue. He was looking to expand.

After opening his account, a relatively simple process for him, he began saving. He participated in business training, counseling, and planning. These steps helped Jonathan coordinate each phase of growth. He even participated in IDA day lobbying to talk about his business and how the IDA program was helping him.

After just over a year, Jonathan was able to expand his business. He opened a business bank account and purchased supplies, so he could do auto glass replacement, auto glass repair, and professional level auto glass tinting.

In 2018, due to limited access to funding, because of local laws and policies on the reservation, he was unable to access capital to finance a van for his business. He opened a second IDA account and began saving again. After a year and a half of saving, he purchased a commercial grade van.

Advanced Glass Repair is now a professionally certified auto glass repair, replacement, and auto film installation (tinting) business based out of Warm Springs.  The van provides added mobility for his business, enabling Jonathan to perform services at home, work, or anywhere they are needed. He hopes to continue to grow the business and credits the IDA program for being a key component to his expansion and success.